The advantages of using Connext OPC UA Server

The advantages of using Connext OPC UA Server

Progea has launched Connext on the industrial automation market to consolidate its extensive experience and know how in industrial communication protocols and OPC UA technology. Connext is the new industrial communication Server designed to offer users simple and seamless interconnectivity between devices, management and the monitoring and control of various types of automation equipment and instruments.  The Gateway function can execute several protocols simultaneously offering the advantage to connect the same Tag to all connected devices.

The OPC UA standard enables the availability of real-time information to third party software applications, both at SCADA/HMI level and MES/ERP systems level, to ensure operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT) convergence in modern companies as defined by Industry 4.0.  In addition, Connext provides specific IIoT protocols for handling quick and safe Big Data transmissions to SQL Azure using the Cloud services or Progea Cloud Databoom.

Connext is based on the OPC UA standard (the IEC 62541 industrial interoperability standard) and IT communications, such as SNMP and IIoT, to offer users an all-inclusive information source for real-time data deriving from various field devices.

One of the many features that makes using Connext advantageous is its modularity.  Those who use Connext can profit from its license policy by choosing the most suitable needs-based license. Licenses are scalable and sized according the number of variables connected to the field.  This makes them more cost-efficient and future-proof related offering users the option to upgrade to sustain any further need for maximization and expandability.

Connext comes with OPC Foundation certification and supports the Data Access, Alarm & Conditions and Historical Access specifications. It also includes the option to activate the Redundancy, Historian and Data Logger functions.  The user can further save on license costs by excluding those functions that they do not need.  

Connext is quick and simple to install and configure.  All you need to do is select the desired protocols from the list and enter the list of tags to exchange.   To save time you can also import tags directly from the various devices.

Substantially, when you choose the Connext OPC UA Server you get a cost efficient, scalable, modular and fast product to startup and use.  What’s more, you also get top-notch customer services that only a Progea product can ensure.

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