Technical Support

The Technical Support Services are reserved for customers who have a least one valid Editor License.

The Progea Technical Support Services are run by a team of highly qualified expert engineers who work alongside the Connext R&D department. The support services are regulated by a system to ensure that users get the best out of them.

Added service value of competence and quality

Support, Training, Consultancy.

Only the software technology producers can provide the level of service that customers can benefit by in terms of time and productivity.
Progea provides an excellent presales and post sales service to assist customers in every development and integration need. They offer the best support to make sure that the customer’s project is a success.

The Technical Support Service is available only to registered users according to the prefixed modes. The Support Ticket Service is reserved only for registered customers who own a Editor License. When you need to contact the support services call one of the phone numbers listed and quote your case ID number.