Industrial communication has exceeded the capabilities of traditional OPC UA Servers

Each Connext communication protocol supports automatic tag importation from the field or PLC for smoother and faster communication configuring.

Communication Protocols

The OPC UA Server Connext offers a suite of communication protocols. Users can activate them one at a time or several at a time when using the Multidrivers option.

Listed below are the I/O Drivers that are available and included within the software product

3SCODESYS3S Software CODESYS SoftPLC version 3.Automation
BacNet/IPBacNet/IPAny device supporting Bacnet IPFacilities
B&RB&RB&R devices that implement the communication protocol INA2000Automation
BeckhoffBeckhoff TwinCAT ADSBeckhoff TwinCAT systemAutomation
GE General ElectricGE EthernetSupport GE intelligente platform PLCs series 90, GE intelligente platform micro series Automation
HilscherHilscher CIFX Fieldbus MultiprotocolHilscher cifX card for fieldbus PCI interfaceAutomation
IEC 60870-5-104IEC 60870-5-104 TCP/IPAny server supporting IEC 60870-5-104 via TCP/IP networkingTelemetry
IEC 61850 MMSIEC 61850 MMS Client.IEC 61850 MMS servers.Telemetry
IoT PubNubPubNub IoT CloudPubNub ApplicationsIOT
IoT Progea DataboomIoT Progea DataboomIoTProgeaCloud Applications on Databoom Cloud PlatformIOT
Konnex KNXKNX EIBUS (Falcon) EthernetBuilding automation device supporting or compliant KNXFacilities
Lacroix SofrelLACBUS-PCFR1000  RTUTelemetry
MitsubishiMelsec FXPLC MELSEC-FX and MELSEC-FX2N PLCs and compatibleAutomation
MitsubishiMelsec FX3U-TCP PLC MELSEC-FX3UAutomation
MitsubishiMelsec Q TCPMelsec Q PLC Automation
Modbus Modbus Serial RTUAny standard Serial Plug and Cable supported deviceBasic
ModbusModbus TCP-IP MasterAny standard Modbus slve deviceBasic
ModbusModbus TCP-IP SlaveAny standard Modbus Master deviceBasic
MQTTMQTT ClientSupport MQTT brokersIOT
OmronEtherNet/IPOmron NJ, NX PLCsAutomation
OmronFins EthernetOmron SYSMAC PLCsAutomation
OPC Foundation-ProgeaOPC UA ClientAll OPC UA ServerAutomation
ProgeaSQL DriverSQL Driver is able to connect to a database server that supports the TCP/IP protocol.Basic
PanasonicFP MEWTOCOLPLC NAIS FP SeriesAutomation
Rockwell AutomationAllen Bradley -EtherNet/IPPLC-5, SLC-500, MicroLogix, ControlLogix, CompactLogix and FlexLogixAutomation
SAIA-BurgessSaia S-BUS SerialAll Saia PLCs, PCD Series
SiemensS7-Ethernet TCPSimatic-S7-200-300-400
Vipa System 200v, 300v, 300s
SiemensSiemens PC Adapter MPISimatic PLCs-S7-300-400, Vipa PLCs and compatible deviceAutomation
SiemensS7-TIA PORTAL (Symbolic)Simatic-S7-1200-1500Automation
SiemensSiemens PPISimatic-S7-200 and compatibleAutomation
SNMPSNMP ManagerDevice supporting SNMP protocol acting as SNMP AgentsFacilities

If you don’t find your device or your protocol, please contact us! Maybe we are working on or maybe is already available.

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