Connect data from the field to information technology

Connectivity between the different automation systems, remote production sites, production and operation levels, IT levels, field and cloud systems, is a necessity that modern business organizations must have to increase their level of efficiency and competitiveness. Organizations need have real-time data to improve efficiency by means of analyzing data and machine 2 machine communication (M2M). There are various products that can connect to systems in the field and sort information through to other systems, which include supervision and control and business management systems, and record them on database or in the Cloud.

Connext the modular and flexible OPC UA server

Connext allows production line process data to be connected to all levels of the company and, therefore, various systems such as ERP, MES, HMI, SCADA, mobile and Cloud platforms for Big Data and IoT. Due to Connext’s performance, which is the result of great know-how in terms OPC UA technology and communication protocols, Progea has become fully operational in the OPC UA Server and connectivity software market sector by merit.
The OPC UA Server is available as a standalone product offering connectivity solutions without the use of Movicon, for those who need an I/O Data Server, IoT gateway, Data Logger or for any other industrial connectivity need. Connext is an independent, flexible, scalable and versatile product.
Compared to other OPC Servers on the market, it offers a greater advantage of having complete and versatile features that are cost effective and scalable to satisfy the needs of any market sector.

Connext offers the following characteristics that make it special as an OPC UA Server:

1. OPC UA Server certified
2. License scalability
3. Multidriver
4. Gateway function
5. Automation, Telemetry, IIoT Facility protocols
6. Variable import
7. Data Logger Historian Option
8. Alarms&Conditions
9. Redundancy
10. C# SDK


Connext integrates a new SQL Driver

Quite often within the context of Industry 4.0, design engineers need to connect to data from devices, machines and production lines operating in the field by means of SCADA/HMI or business managerial systems as well as any other application in the world of IT. This is usually done by sharing data in database tables by means of programming script to manage the type of connectivity desired.
A part of Progea’s mission is to simplify work for their partners and this they have done by developing and integrating an I/O communication driver in Connext to exchange real-time information in read-write with managerial systems in the same way done with any type of PLC.

The new SQL Server driver, which is available from the product’s driver library, has been designed to connect any Tag type to any SQL Server database table in read-write. This will enable all those wanting to create ‘Industry 4.0’ systems to do so quickly by connecting managerial systems, or third party applications, in the simplest way possible with bidirectional connections towards field variables.

This can all be done without having to use script and will, therefore, reduce project development times enormously. You simply need to add the driver to the project and configure it, just as you would do with any other PLC driver, by selecting the table, the name column and value from the DB file’s properties. Each Tag will then point to the prefixed data according to the specified polling modes.
Connext greatly simplifies the gateway functionality between the operating field (PLC, PAC, Fieldbus) and managerial systems (MES, ERP and other).

The new versions of Connext.

Progea is on the verge of releasing a new version of Connext for Linux. Connext can therefore be run as an IIoT I/O Data Server and Gateway for low-end systems (such as RaspberryPI).
In this way, small Linux devices will be able to have Connect driver connectivity to connect field devices to IT systems, Cloud systems or any other OPC UA compatible device, system or application.

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